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De Angeli Prodotti is a leader in the sector of enameled wire, energy cables and aluminum and copper strip for mechanical and electrical application. Strongly committed to innovation, quality assurance and research, their technical department is able to provide solutions tailored to their client’s needs.

ISO Certification

Elektra Wire LTD, established in 1990. The main production line is of aluminum strip, copper strip, aluminum wire, alloys and litz for a mechanical and electrical use.

Reliability in production and significant experience underpin this company’s leadership in the sector.

Young company active since 2010, is able to interpret the needs of a changing market. Deals with the trade of semi-finished non-ferrous metals, in particular processing and distribution of strips and sheet of copper, brass, bronze and aluminium.

The company cover whole national territory, is able to ensure a punctual and accurate delivery service of its products.

ISO Certification

Starting from November 2017, the company Green Metal SRL acquired, through a rental of Business Branch, the activity of the company Metal Invest SpA thus ensuring the continuity of the services and commercial proposals.
The seriousness of the past as a starting point for the future remains the reference point of all the customers.

Founded in 1989 HITECH RADIATORS PVT. LTD. is a family company that has consolidated its position in the global transformer Industry as a leading transformer radiator and distribution tank manufacturer. The radiators and tanks are conform to the quality expectations of both, domestic and international market.
Certified accordingly to ISO_9001:2015, ISO_14001:2015, OHSAS_18001:2007, BS_EN_ISO_3834_2:2005 company today, HITECH is proud to be associated with all major transformer manufacturers across the globe. HITECH is also a government certified export house and enjoys a 80% direct export market.