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Semi-finished products in aluminium and copper for high conductivity
They are especially appreciated and suitable for this type of processing thanks to the high conductivity granted by the purity of the raw material, thus they represent the ideal solution for the processing of semi-finished aluminum and copper.

Quality, speed and product customization
When a raw material with a purity of 99.98% is processed, copper tapes show high electrical conductivity. The quality of these semi-finished copper products with a guarantee of 58 MS/m is also granted by a longitudinal cut without burr and with narrow width tolerances, as well as by a winding process where coils are aligned on cardboard and with paper interposed. As it is the case for aluminium strips, Calkos also offers its customers a tailor-made service for copper strips, starting from the physical state of the metal: physical state R220 – R240 on cooked material. The thickness ranges from 0.20 mm to 3 mm and the width from 8 mm to 1500 mm.
The coil is available with 3 different inner diameters: 300 / 400 / 500 mm, while the outside diameter can be customized.