Brass is an alloy of copper(Cu) and zinc(Zn). It has a range of applications so vast that we can make just a list of maximum.

The main usages are as follows:

• Electricity (electrical equipment, switches, contacts, sockets)
• Trucking (radiators, wiring)
• Marine sector (exchangers, plates)
• Sanitary (taps, valves, radiatos, pipes)

The brasses which contain 10%-20% zinc, very plastic, are nominated “similori” for its colour similar to that of gold.
The brasses which contain higher percentages of zinc, above 25-30%, have higher mechanical characteristics: are used for parts of objects that require mechanical resistance. Brass is a ductile and malleable material with good resistance to corrosion. Compared to copper it proves higher values of hardness, resistance and fusibility.